Milk Cow 101

The only online course of its kind for new 
and soon-to-be milk cow owners, Milk Cow 101
will give you all the knowledge, information,
and actionable step-by-step training you need to
feel confident, prepared, and empowered 
as you embark on finding, feeding, caring for,
milking, and loving your very first family milk cow.

You can do this. Let me teach you how.

Before We Get to the details,
let's talk about who this course
is really for...

You’re a dreamer and a doer.

You’re a go-getter who’s not afraid to swim upstream and put in the long hours and the hard work to bust that learning curve and make your dreams happen.

Whether you’re…

a homesteader who’s got a good handle on your goals and you’re ready for the next step in self-sufficiency and food security

in it for the food and know there’s no better way to access premium grass-fed, nutrient-dense milk, butter, and cheese than owning your very own cow

in search of a simpler life, traditional skills, and a deeper connection to the land around you and the food that fuels you

You're in the right place

And I’m going to tell you exactly how Milk Cow 101
will give you the knowledge, information, step-by-step training, mentorship, and support you need on your journey to living the milk cow life.

By the end of this course,
you will have:

Nailed down what you want and need in a milk cow and know what to look for so you’re ready when the right one comes along.

Evaluated your existing infrastructure and have a clear plan to use what you have and know what you need to have everything ready for her arrival

Become familiar with the most common milk cow ailments, recognize the symptoms, and know how to treat them confidently

Established a relationship with your local vet & stocked a home vet kit so you have the most important veterinary supplies on hand in case of emergency

Learned all about your milk cow’s nutritional needs and confidently calculated feed costs so you can budget accordingly

Learned all about the calving/birthing process and have a step-by-step checklist to follow the first couple days after calving to ensure everyone gets off to a good start.

Made a confident and informed decision about what to do with the calf and know how to ensure his optimal health and vigor

Learned the traditional skill of hand-milking and/or know what to look for in a milking machine if you decide that’s the best fit for you

Developed a clear plan of action for daily milkings, from sanitation and udder care to learning to read your cow and interpret her moods

Earned a healthy respect for raw milk as a living organism and its nutritional benefits, knowing exactly what’s required to keep it clean and safe for your family’s consumption

Made a plan to make keeping a milk cow sustainable and life-giving in the long term – for you, for your cow, and for everyone involved

Oh my goodness. That's exactly what I need.

Hi! I'm Raelene

and my best friend is a milk cow.

I grew up on a cattle ranch in northern British Columbia, Canada where I learned to ride horse, doctor cows, and fix fence.

I’d always wanted a little land so my kids could grow up
the way I did, and after a few years as university professors
living the suburb life, my husband and I moved our family to Belvedere Farms here in NE Ohio.

In addition to raising five little farmers-in-the-making,
we raise milk cows and beef cattle, chickens for eggs and meat,
a passel of pigs, a small orchard, and a large garden.

My favorite chore is milking. 

I love to read and am often listening to an audiobook
in tandem to the rhythmic swish swish swish
of warm milk into the pail.

What Other Milk Cow Owners Have To Say

When I was questioning getting a milk cow myself, Raelene was the first one I turned to - she has been my lifeline! She has eased my concerns and helped me understand so many aspects of owning my own milk cow. I owe part of our success to her!
You have been such a wealth of info! It truly was immensely helpful for us - a life saver! Everything I needed to know was in one spot.
What a phenomenal resource to have!!!! So many people will benefit from this. I think it's fantastic!
The Modern Day Settler
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